This family business has been started in 1947 by António Ferreira Rito and his children with the activity of engine reconditioning.

1951 – 50cc TWIN ENGINE (pictured)

   One of the first great moments of the company was the design and conception of a 2-stroke engine, with a 50 cc cylinder capacity and two cylinders.

   Piston and gearing production for several motor vehicles has been started. Specific equipment for that purpose has been bought.  

   In 1966 a new cycle in the life of our company is started with a brand new production unit equipped with automatic machinery for mass production. The production of special machinery and tools for in-house use as well as for trade confirms the technological ability of the company.

   The company wants to keep pace with progress and buys the first CNC machine in 1980.  

   The company starts a new cycle in the demanding European market supplying first equipment as well as replacements.  

   Product quality is increased when the company settles a new air-conditioned metrology lab in 1998, fully equipped with various precision tools and machinery.


   The company keeps thinking about the future and starts implementing a Quality System and full Accreditation is obtained in August 2002. Environment, staff training, safety, occupational health and communication tools are the most important fields for the company’s current activity and to prepare for future challenges.   

   We acquire last generation CNC machines, equipped with motorized tools with the objective to improve the quality dimensional of our products, as well as the reduction of the lead team. 

   Implementation of a system of information, for the management of the production, MULTI Industry. The MULTI Industry is developed exclusively by the INFOS, (holder of the statute of Microsoft package Gold Partner), it is destined to projects that demand an elevated capacity of intervention at the level of product. This system allowed to us a better control of the flow of information and bigger rigidity in the control and management of our production.

   We join to the program IQ PME, through the Industrial Association of the Minho, in partnership with the Workshop of the Innovation, with the objective to improve the organization of the enterprise and to lift up the qualification of our human resources.
   We bet also on the transition, for Standard of the Quality NP EN ISO 9001:2008, ending this process in 03 of September 2009.

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