Engine Reconditioning

   Our reconditioning engines department it exists since the company foundation in 1947, and so we have a wide experience for the reconstruction of all kind of internal combustion engines.

   In the area of the historical vehicles we are able to do all kind of mendings, maintaining and valuing the original characteristics by introducing vanguard technologies for bigger profit and durability. These kind of services they have been deserving great National and International recognition namely for part of collectors and specialized profissionals of countries with great tradition and demand in the recuperation of historical cars, just like, Spain, France, Germany,UK and so on.

   In the area of historic cars, we carry out all types of repairs, maintaining the original characteristics of the engines, but valuing them with the introduction of cutting-edge technology that provides them with greater performance and reliability. These services have deserved great national and international recognition, namely by collectors and specialized professionals from countries with great experience in the restoration of old cars, such as Spain, France, Germany and England.


   Always respecting the manufacturers recomendations and adding value by using advanced technology. We are able to execute the following operations: 

Descarbonizing, stanch tests, valve seats rectification, valves and refinement.

Test, face work, liners assembling, cylinders rectification and line boring.

Rectification, metal coating on the archways and connecting rods alignment.

Rectification and adjustment.

Final pré mounting for essay and adjustment

Dismount, estimation and reconstruction

   Partial reconstruction of damaged parts such as; Primary and secondary shafts, crown wheels and pignions, diferential houses, transmissions, oil pumps and so on. If it´s not possible the reparation, we can always produce new parts in our Production Center.

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