Product development


   We support technology with “know how” which has been gathered during more than 50 years by our technicians and staff in general.

   Modern CNC equipments enable a better production process and ensure dimensional and finishing quality. Computerized support such as the new Production Program (Sipro-Indústria), Quality Program (SIQA), Monitor and Measurement Device Control Program (DMM) and Computer Aided Design (Auto-Cad) help us in preparing success for the future.


   One of the first important achievements of the company was the design and production of a 50 c.c. two-cylinder, two-stroke engine back in 1951.

   In close cooperation with the company Entreposto, Rito developed and produced a differential set and steering box for the new motor vehicle model SADO. In the 80’s and 90’s, Rito also designed and produced synchronized gear and clutch boxes. Such boxes are still part of our daily production.

   Due to the special soil morphology in Madeira Island, we have researched, assessed and produced differential sets and gear boxes with adequate transmission relationships. These innovative achievements were to be built in brand new passenger cars and buses of several automotive brands and models.

   We have participated in the national project for the construction of an electric car, designing and producing a fully innovative rotor wheel transmission system.


THE António Ferreira Rito & Filhos, L.da. it has vast knowledge and technological experience and intends to grow its market and improve its products and services in order to continuously improve its management system.

The maintenance of the Quality System at António Ferreira Rito & Filhos, Lda allows us to improve and develop the internal and external communication of our organization, in order to satisfy the needs of the market and relevant stakeholders, ensuring compliance with all regulatory and regulatory requirements. applicable legal requirements.

The objective is to increase the productivity and quality of the final product through the improvement of techniques and methods in the manufacturing processes and even better management and training of human resources.
It is intended, therefore, to continuously increase the degree of customer confidence and satisfaction as well as to improve customer support.

The company also aims to increase the capacity for technical-commercial intervention with the customer, by looking for new markets, systematically improving the relationship with our external suppliers, aiming at improving the requirements of our product and service.
These are the guidelines for Quality that Management and its most directly responsible people support. With the collaboration of all, it will be possible to implement these strategies successfully.

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